Our menu is uniquely inspired by our government-free philosophy. You won't find a menu like this anywhere else!

Room-temperature Egg Salad Sandwich

Kept at room temperature because we do not use electricity from the government funded power grid, you'll find this sandwich has a uniquely "different" flavor. Never refrigerated. Always a pleasure!

"Mad Cow" Roast Beef Sandwich

The "Mad Cow" is just a joke. We don't think our roast beef comes from mad cows. But we don't know for sure, because the meat has never been inspected by government food inspectors.

Un-Italian Combo

If you're looking for fine imported deli meats like Italian salami, bologna, or mortadella, look elsewhere! Government-run ports and airports are the points-of-entry for international food. 

Farm-Fresh-To-You Mystery Green Salad

What's in your salad? We don't know! That's because it's never been inspected for diseases like E. coli, salmonella, and listeria. We work directly with growers to insure no government inspectors get between you and your salad. Not to mention whatever else is in it!

Mississippi River-water Lemonade

People love to ask what gives our lemonade its distinctive bouqet. Rather than draw our water from government funded municipal sources, we draw our water straight from the Mississippi River* to your table!

* If you prefer fresh drinking water with your meal, please bring your own.